What was once a futuristic concept is here now! The biometrics solutions are rapidly gaining its popularity among different organizations for increased security and convenience. Together with a global line of partners, blueSpace Technology Pvt. Ltd provides companies and organizations with the high quality biometric security solutions, which will protect their privacy and peace of mind. Our solutions are used by corporate enterprise, financial services, healthcare, gaming and retail industries with cost-effective biometric tools that enhance security and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of password based access.

Our line of biometric products include Fingerprint technology, RFID Smart card technology, Palm/Vein recognition, Face recognition and Video Surveillance systems that deliver unmatched performance, reliability and ease.

Fingerprint Technology

Among numerous biometric technologies, fingerprint authentication is the most preferred and widely used biometric technology that bears more advantages than any other technologies do. blueSpace fingerprint technology is highly reliable and secured; hence our system is used in various applications such as banking, time & attendance, access control systems, computing systems and likewise. Our fingerprint technology can be taken and digitalized by relatively by relatively compact and cheap devices and takes only a least capacity to store a large database of information


Palm/Vein Recognition technology

blueSpace technology provides a highly reliable biometric authentication system based on palm vein recognition technology. Unlike other forms of biometric technology, palm/vein technology is robust and scans beneath the surface of the skin. To use the system, simply hold your hand a few inches above a sensor, which records the pattern of your palm veins on a digital template.


Face Recognition

blueSpace's facial recognition technology is a non-invasive way of identifying and verifying people that can be used in any situation where access security is of the sheer importance. Our scanning devices are contact less which means that the verification remains hygienic and accurate.


RFID Smart Card Technology

Radio frequency identification or RFID smart card technology uses radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. Our RFID Smart card technology offers a diverse range of functions, while providing a great deal of convenience, as the cards must simple be waved or tapped in front of a reader than swiped. The technology is commonly used applications such as access control, time and attendance, network login security, cashless payment and event management.

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