Managing a library can be a daunting task if it has to be done manually. blueSpace's Bookshelf: The library management system is comprehensive library automation software used and trusted by various schools, colleges, public libraries and special libraries. The system has been developed under the proper guidance of expert librarians focusing on the prime functionality that a systematic library requires. Therefore, we strongly announce 'Bookshelf' as the cost effective and highly functional library management system that you can trust. Most importantly, 'Bookshelf' is highly secured-'the database back up is handled on a daily basis' to certain the system security.

Bookshelf system is both web and network based which creates an environment for each libraries members to check the availability of books and make reservations accordingly. The system database allows the members to check the record of the books they have obtained from the library and keep record of the pending dues if any.

With Bookshelf: Library Management System you can:

  • Efficiently manage library users or members
  • Control the memberships and manage library settings
  • Maintain books and member reports such as due fine
  • Automatically search for the books, users or members
  • Maintain and manage accounts
  • Purchase new books and maintain records
  • Manage catalog
  • Complete control over the circulation

Some of the prime features of the Bookshelf: Library Management System are discussed below:-

  • Stop Verification:
    There might be instances when you might want to get rid of old, damaged or unusable books. The feature easily allows you to stop verification of such books from the library inventory making it much easier to manage library effectively.
  • Digital Media cataloging:
    Users can categorize the digital media's such as CD, DVD; making it much easier to keep them in reference or landing zone.
  • Article Indexing:
    Allows users to easily index article from books and journals.
  • Advanced Journal Management:
    The advanced journal management allows the librarians to manage journals on a daily, weekly, by-monthly, monthly and yearly basis. Hence, they can easily track the journals, newspapers or magazines received from the vendors or yet to be received and take actions accordingly.

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