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The Human Resource Management Software)The everyday life of an HR department is mostly occupied with taking care of attendance, holiday approvals, interviews, appraisals, recording leaves, training and so on. As a result organization often runs out of time to expand new ideas, plans and policies, which leads them to an unsystematic direction. This is when an HR (Human Resource Software) comes into play, which can dramatically help HR and line managers to automate routine tasks and processes, resulting in reducing paperwork, improving efficiency and saving time.

A good HR software solution should perform as the backbone of a company's HR operation, delivering information and analysis on every employee, job and department. Chronos HR management software‚ is developed‚ to simplify and make it easier to manage human resource of Corporate Houses, Mid Level and High Level organization, NGO's and INGO's. Chronos is a web based application developed in Asp.Net technology using C# that runs on a single server infinite number of clients can login depending on the capacity of server. The key to the success of Chronos is its capacity to handle any number or employees.
Chronos is easy to install on any system which compiles with following system Requirements:-

  • SQL Server 2005 and above
  • Windows XP or higher operating system

Chronos covers a range of different functions from core HR information, recruitment, time management, payroll and expenses, interviews and CV management, to training and skills management.

Chronos' HR management software solution covers the following areas:

  • Applicant Tracking (AP): Easily tracks the prospective employee applications, records interviews, takes affirmative action and provides compliance statistics.
  • Accrual Tracking (AT): Effectively records and manages employee holidays and sick leave accrual.
  • Benefits Tracking (BT): Tracks all the bonus related fields such as insurance data, bonuses, position prerequisites, stock options and flexible spending accounts.
  • Employee Records (ER): All areas of employee are recorded‚ such as assignments, salary, training, memberships, history and other personal data.
  • Employee Scheduling (ES): Tracks employee work, assignments, plans and notifications.
  • Evaluation Management (EM): Systematically records employee schedule for performance review, their assessments and tests.
  • Payroll and Tax (PT): Records and manages Payroll, tax and other deduction data for preparing paychecks of hourly and monthly employees.
  • Salary Administration (SA): Tracks salary, budgeting and policy administration for employees.
  • Time and Attendance (TA): Makes it easier to track work on an hourly basis, moreover also makes it possible to be networked to time-clock systems.
  • Workforce Analytics (WA): Tracks enterprise-wide and labor analysis tools, overtime, absenteeism and other workforce costs.

Overall Chronos' high quality human resource management software assists your HR department to improve productivity of the organization and help you to take better decisions by providing access to reliable and up to date HR information.

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