College information system is fully automated and unique web-based software that comes integrated with 'Content Management System' website developed by our in-house team. Once the system is integrated in the website, users can easily change or manage content for the admin panel itself. Hence, the everyday work schedules of colleges or any other educational institutions can be managed with much ease.

The College Information system eases work and information access to the entire spectrum of college users that includes students, parents, faculty members, staff, management and so on.

What do our college information system software innovations mean to you? Why not read through the following key features?

  • The system has the separate logging system for student, parents, administration, faculty members, reception and College CEO/MD. Therefore, information access and flow is absolutely transparent.
  • Students, Parents and Faculty members can view attendance, assignments, class routines, academic calendar, exam results and even access message boards, library and so much more.
  • College administration can keep track of students and staffs daily attendance. Most importantly, they have the access to the activities of all set up users.
  • College CEO/MD is at the top hierarchy in terms of software facility as they can do all tasks of administration as well. The system even keeps them in tact with daily account transactions.

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